Full-Length Play (1M, 1F)

When street-smart Lydia is up against a wall with bills to pay and a visa in jeopardy, she comes up with a last-ditch plan to stay in New York City: Enter the illegal surrogacy racket. If only she could convince her live-in boyfriend Troy to be cool with her carrying another man's baby...

Staged Reading at St. Francis College

An updated version of 'Eggs' was presented thanks to a fellowship from St. Francis College in May 2017.  The reading was directed by Bianca Puorto and featured performances by Kim Rios Lin and Gerrard James

Label Gray

Produced in 2013 by Label Gray at MUT! Theatre, Hamburg Germany, and as part of the Interkultural Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Received second run at the MUT! Theatre, Hamburg, Germany in 2014.

A review in Begegung der Kulturen says: "The problems of being an outsider brought to a head... Eggs portrays a woman in an extreme situation and the director Rayka Kobiella has a sharp and almost aggressive directorial style. [Lydia] is a tough fighter and Miriam Ibrahim sweeps forcefully across the stage." [translated from the German text].

This production also was reviewed at Hamburgtheater.de. (German language.) "JRM tells the rich, multifaceted story of Lydia and Troy at a quick pace in 'Eggs', this year's opening piece in the Eigenarten Festival."